Monday, April 19, 2010

Mac & Cheese Kinda B-Day!

Mac & Cheese Challenge!
Mike and have been trying to make our money stretch especially in the food department, and we're having fun doing it!
We've come up with the ultimate challenge...
Who makes the best BOXED Macaroni and Cheese?!
We both write what we score the Mac & Cheese on the back of the box then hang it on the fridge. I'm thinking I need to make a craft out of them when all is said and done, any ideas?!
...We even received some Mac & Cheese in our Easter Basket from Mike's mom!

So Far the Aldi's brand is the best. However, we ate it RIGHT before we started the challenge so we need to get another box!

Please comment if you have suggestions for which ones we should try!

(I should have taken a picture of our stocked pantry!)

My first home made Thank You card.
I don't think it turned out too bad!
Although, I only had enough supplies to make one!


  1. This is great! Keep us posted on the best Mac & Cheese challenge! Love how your Thank You card turned out! ~Marcy


    Try this one. I say that because my hubbie diesn't like mac-n-cheese but he loves this one. It will make a lot but I'm sure you can freeze it. Also Kraft is coming out with a new mac-n-cheese soon.