Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Throught The Years

Wedding Table Numbers:

Wedding crafting has been a BLAST for me thus far! I have searched and searched numerous websites fishings for all kinds of ideas. There are so many cute ideas for table numbers, but when I saw this project I simply fell in love with it!

All You Need:
* Photos of you and your fiance from ages 1-however many tables you will have.

* Cardstock - I used 111 lb cardstock and glued 2 sheets together since they're only textured on one side.

* Photo corners

* Glossy photo paper - I printed them on my computer at home.

* Glue dots

* Paper cutter

I cut my cardstock 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 so that I was able to make 1 table # per sheet.

Using Microsoft Publisher I was able to create a 5x5 box , place my photo in it and decorate with the appropriate design and number.

I still need to put Michael's photos on the backsides. But I think this is a great conversation piece for our tables and a nice way to make it personal!

Because I had the photo paper, computer ink, and paper cutter

This project only cost .51 per table number!

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  1. Wonderful and so cute, many blessings to you both!!