Friday, June 18, 2010

South Fork, Colorado

Mike & I just got back from a little vaca in South Fork, Colorado!

It was beautiful! If you, your friends or your family like to golf, hike, atv, mountain bike or just relax and enjoy nature you should check out this place:

Mention "Shadywood Chic" and you might just get a little deal ;)

I'm going to start reffering myself to stuff as "Precious Junque" I love it!

What a neat place for a Fire Station, no better place than one of the many mountains!

At least they recycle right!?

Imagine having this as your deck!?

Where else can you hold a snowball next to the sun and running water?!

It wasn't ALL fun (well we still had fun) but we were there to work!
I re-stained my first deck!
(Mike had already sanded the entire thing down - like he does with all my projects haha)

The Fishing Club's deck completed!

.The End!.


  1. Thanks for sharing and linking up!


  2. That's great that you could have fun and get some work done. It looks gorgeous there. :)

    Just stopped by from Punkin Seed Productions

    ~JILL @

  3. Beautiful place! Can't believe you were there to work! I want the view off that deck!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  4. Denise@pairtreefoundation.orgJuly 15, 2010 at 8:34 AM

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. I hope I get to visit Soutfork in the future. I'll be sure to mention 'Shadywood Chic' :-)